Or, simply, links. Some places I visit often enough to recommend them to you.

NOTE: Only English sites here. To see links to Russian sites, you'll have to switch to Russian and go to the corresponding section.

The best band fiction archive in existence. Yeah, I know you have to pay to see it, but come on, two dollars a year?! Hardly worth talking about - and the site is worth every cent of those. It has the lowest shitfic rate of all the sites I know because it's beautifully managed. So try it.
The biggest fanfic archive. And the worst moderated one. It has tons of stuff, so, even statistically, some of it has to be good. But - also statistically - there's way more shit in there in which you'll have to fish for the good ones. Also, it has no RPF. Oh well, but there's almost every fandom you've heard of there, and, if nothing else, it's always good for a laugh.
IMHO, it's a little better than FF.Net. Like, marginally better. Maybe because only adult stuff (starting with R-rated fics) is allowed there, and it's not every silly kid's cup of tea. Or maybe for some other reason. Also, it does have RPF, and an original fiction section, and it's simply more fun.
FICTIONPRESS.COM A sister site to FF.Net, only this one is meant for original fiction only, and not fandom based works. It's plagued with the same problems as its relative, but it's probably the biggest site where unpublished writers can publish stuff. Also, if you get the hang of it, you can fish out some pretty decent gems from its depths.
WIKIPEDIA The biggest free encyclopedia on the Net. It's not very accurate in some things, but it's a good place to start with.
DeviantArt.Com It's a very bad place to post your stuff if you're looking for feedback. But it's a very good place to look for quality art. It's huge and it's easy to browse, with all the categories, the keyword search system and the new/old/popular grad that can be applied to search as well. Painting, drawing, photography, applied arts... in fact, they have a section for writers and poets as well, but in my humble opinion, it's not of any special interest. Unlike art. The only drawback of the gallery is that it doesn't allow porn, but hey, nobody's perfect.
Y!Gallery No females allowed! Luckily, that doesn't go for admission (since most of the community are women). It only goes for submission: only drawings of male species are allowed in this gallery. Subsequently, it has tons and tons of slashy (yaoish?..) goodness. And it DOES allow porn! YAY! They have some browsing issues, but the gallery is young, only a year or so old, so they'll work it out. I believe in them. :D Oh yeah, and you have to register to see the adult stuff, but hey, it's free.
WOW! TGP Because it has gay porn links. Among all others. I have no idea whether it's clean or virus-ridden. My antivirus never spoke up against it, but who knows, maybe they bribed it.
TOMMY'S BOOKMARKS ... Which is an appropriate title... Nevermind. It doesn't have gay porn links, but it's good for people who don't like graphically heavy sites. They have it like I have it here: a text link and a description. Of course, at times they lie. But who doesn't?...
Metal Sludge Ole Sludge isn't all it used to be ever since Stevie Rachelle came clean, but it still has the most hilarious rock and metal related shit on the net. Also, their newswire is updated more often than some official sites, so that also comes in handy. Yes, their humor is a Howard Stern kind of humor, and yes, there're way too many wankers on their forums, but you don't really have to go there, right? (Even though you have to like their humor. Yes.) News. Very nice, very extensive news. Every little mention of whoever you're interested in is going to wind up right there, starting with press releases and ending up with links to realtor sites where they sell their houses. That's where I get updated on Motley Crue.
CORBIS Editorial photos. All that red carpet, casual seeings and paparazzi stuff. Some celebrities fare on Corbis better than others, but it's nice in that you can register there for free and then you get big images with removed watermark. Although I have to admit that it gets updated more and more rarely recently.
GETTYIMAGES Some more editorial photos, frequent updates, large coverage, but free registration won't solve the watermark problem. At least, unlike Wireimage, they let you see big pics and don't have that 30 days deadline. *grumbles*
WikiQuote A Wikipedia offshot concerned with gathering different quotations from notable people. Not everyone is represented there, but I still think it's a pretty cool page. So what that I didn't find Nikki Sixx there? I have most of his quotes anyway. But there's a totally posh Ozzy Osbourn page that I didn't even have the time to read to the end. I should. One of these days. :)



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