This, right above, is me. A very nicely-looking me. Or, rather, a really good photo of me. Which doesn't say much about the way I look at all, because a) I'm ungodly photogenic and b) there's more to me than a head and a hat. Way more. Tens of pounds more. And the way I look isn't the worst thing about me, so you'd better hope you'll never ever meet me in person.

In case that didn't sound convincing enough, here below there's some more stuff about me. Just click the links. DOSSIER is everything you need to know about me (it's up to me to decide what you need to know about me, eh?), FAQ is for those who want to know more than they need to (which is still for me to decide), RECS are just that - books, movies and music that I recommend, and TMI is an index of those rare blog entries of mine that seem to have some sense to them - such an extended, and probably way more boring, version of FAQ.




All rights are mine, you take and use, but don't claim your own,
or I'll come and kick your ass to the Moon and back.
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